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Sea Shepherd

Sea Shepherd’s sole mission is to protect and conserve the world’s oceans and marine wildlife. They work to defend all marine wildlife, from whales and dolphins, to sharks and rays, to fish and krill, without exception.

We from Tatyou aim to help them, too! That's why all profits of the Sea Shepherd tattoo line will be donated to Sea Shepherd.

Artists for Sea Shepherd (A4SS) is an initiative aimed to raise awareness as well as funds, by inviting artists to use their talents, and express their concern regarding the threats the ocean and the marine environment worldwide are facing.You can talk about scientific reports, global warming and the dangers facing the ocean, but when you talk from the heart, it becomes something different. This is where art comes in.

“Artists and musicians have an important role to play. People listen to them, because they touch the heart, in contrast to politicians. No-one is touched by the words of a politician preaching his politically correct written statements. Artists can make you really feel the issue whereas scientists talk with their heads and politicians are unreliable or are lying! That’s why artists can make a difference.” - Geert Vons, Artistic Director Sea Shepherd.

This is the core idea of Sea Shepherd Tattoo - an idea of Geert Vons, (tattoo)artist and Sea Shepherd’s Artistic Director. It’s a unique way to raise awareness as well as funds for Sea Shepherd’s direct-action campaigns worldwide. Tattoo artists are invited to use their talent to support Sea Shepherd. They may come over to work as a guest artist in the Sea Shepherd Tattoo Studio in Amsterdam, they can organize a Sea Shepherd support event in their own tattoo studio, or they can donate a special design or artwork to Sea Shepherd. Just let them know.

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