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Chen Jie creates delicate “paintings” on skin. She lists old Chinese art and calligraphy as her biggest inspirations. So the effect of the gentle touch of a brush seen in ancient techniques is made with needles instead. The professional and accurate hand of Chen Jie works with great precision everytime. Everyone can copy ancient art, but she actually translates the subtly of Chinas ancient artistic tradition in her own unique way. Her style, with its splashes of color, represents a modern form of ink wash paintings that adopts Western techniques and forms an updated version of the art of ancient times.

To Chen Jie, her way of creating is fitting for the tattoo scene, which is consistently innovating, refining, and fusing different styles and approaches. The stunning beauty and distinct details featured in her work made her popular on Instagram, with followers from all over the world. Chen Jie has become an internationally well-known tattoo artist, who welcomes many clients from all over the world to China due to her unique style. She established Chen Jie Newtattoo Studio tattoo workshop in 2005, where she is turning bodies into living canvas.

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